Own Yourself - You Are Your Brand

What’s in a Name?

The crux of this article centers around personal branding in the field of tech. Whether it’s work, play or social, having an online persona has become the new normal. Online personas have grown from bleeding-edge gamers, content creators, vloggers and bloggers - to traditional soccer moms with recipe groups. The internet continues to connect everyone and as online trust and validation become more societially valuable, so too does the way you present yourself.

Your brand precedes you.

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Monitoring Uptime Status with Github Actions

I was searching github for some uptime monitoring apps when I stumbled across a github actions based uptime and status page.

It’s aptly named upptime and while it wasn’t what I was looking for, I found it to be novel and worth setting up:

Status Page - Upptime

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Time Tracking with a Disney Infinity USB NFC Reader

While browsing my local thrift store, I stumbled upon a little gadget that I decided to repurpose:

Disney Infinity USB NFC Reader

It was only $6 USD, so I thought it would be a fun project.

I searched for ‘Disney Infinity Linux’ to see if any work had been done toward decoding it or making it work. I found various sources that suggested that Playstation or Wii versions work fine, but the X-Box version was challenging. Fortunately, among the 5 they had, one was the Wii/Playstation version so I bought it.

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Controlling iRobot Roomba from the Command Line

If you’re a heavy command line (cli) user in Macos, Linux or WSL, you may it convenient to easily start or stop your robot from it’s cleaning cycle. In this post I’ll you fellow keyboard jockeys how to control and even view your robot as is cleans.

There's more than one way to skin a robot

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Fast RAID-0 DAS Using Two Thunderbolt 3 Enclosures

In this post I’m demonstrating how to create a high-speed macos volume using quantity 2 Thunderbolt ports and NVMe enclosures. This solution uses RAID-0 (striping) so the failure threshold is more than twice that of a normal standalone disk. This example is for demonstration purposes and could be useful for video editing scratch space, rendering, large photo sessions or similar uses. Obviously, good backups (RAID is not a backup) or a more reliable storage tier is recommended for daily use.

Thunderbolt 3 Benchmark: 2.22 GBs write, 3.74 GBs read

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Ultra fast Thunderbolt NAS with Apple M1 and Linux

In this post I discuss how you can upgrade a NAS Server by adding Thunderbolt 3 for lightning fast connectivity at 20 or 40Gbps. This particular implementation is specific to an Apple Mac Mini M1 and a Linux NAS server on an older Supermicro X10SRL-F motherboard, but the principles should be the same on similar architectures and operating systems.

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Person is not a known valid target type for the publisher property.

It’s not just you. If you’ve received this error the odds are pretty good this component of your schema is correct and your validator is mistaken.

Schema.org Person type

Specifically, in this case, the Google Structured Data Tester. After testing this blog, I was puzzled as to why Google was throwing an Error on this property. I checked the documentation on schema.org and as expected, Person is indeed a valid type for the Publisher property.

Specifically, “Values expected to be one of these types: Organization and Person“. Perhaps I was missing context? Nope.

Google’s validator just needs to be updated to be in parity with the official Schema.org specs.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

AiGenArt, AI Generated Art - Saturn

Saturn. This is an interesting piece. The keywords I used for this creation were ‘saturn’ and ‘smoke’.

Saturn - AI Generated Art

It began with a mostly blank frame / canvas. The machine learning and training model set out to discover Saturn and generate accordingly. As the piece evolved (video below), I started to notice what appear to be rigid, unnatural lines take shape. It turns out that the machine found Saturn to be not only a planet, but also a car manufacturer! The result is an interesting collision of abstraction as only a computer could reason. Here is how the piece took form.
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Generating Art with VQGAN+CLIP AI

I’ve been playing around with OpenGAN, TensorFlow, torch and a few other goodies lately. Adding CLIP to the mix gives me the ability to use common phrases to guide the AI to creating works. It’s fascinating to see what is generated based on the training models used. Some are surprisingly good and others, well, I’ll let you be the judge. Here are a few of the pieces along with the phrases that generated them:

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