My Homemade Metalcasting Furnace

On this page I highlight how I built my metal casting furnace. It’s a propane furnace capable of melting metals at up to 1,300 degrees F (°F). There are 2 major assemblies: The furnace housing and the burner. The housing is composed of a combination of fireclay, sand and cement; equally mixed in thirds.

An aluminum bar turning into liquid

Here some pictures of the construction and a finished casting.

The propane port on the burner
The burner and regulator; and the buckets used for the furnace
The finished burner assembly
Making the burner out of iron pipe
The burner throwing a blue propane flame
Mixing the firecrete
Constructing the furnace
The finished furnace
The furnace melting the aluminum
An aluminum ingot
Aluminum melting in the furnace
A casting revealed
A casting after pouring
Aluminum motor mount that I made


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